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Hi! My Name is Simon.
I Can Speak: -English-French-

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In two words, I'd say I'm aggressive and playful... a bit of an animal in bed ;-) I take some taming but exert your dominance and I'll be putty in your hands. If you're on the submissive side I could also be interested... just be masculine, well put together and have a set of limits I'm going to enjoy working up to.

Scratch below the surface to find an articulate, mature, sensible, professional, busy, friendly, hard-working, motivated, creative, humourous and intelligent guy... but if you'd prefer to take me at face value that's also fine :-)

When I do get some free time I love to play with my Daddy [biglad69] - we love to meet up with masculine, beefy, playful bears and cubs, who, in an ideal world, like us both. We enjoy many different dynamics but playing separately can also ne an option.

Turn Ons: Mixing between sensual & aggression, tt, cbt, bc, restraint, domination, bondage, poppers, gasmasks, full-on snogging, sexfighting, gutpunching, forced workouts, beef, muscles, body contact, musclebears, alpha daddies, leather, rubber, leaky cocks in jock straps, facial hair, body hair, burying my face in and licking out freshly sweated pits, big pecs, juicy biceps, meaty forearms, tattoos.. especially on big forearms (WOOOF!), shaved or cropped heads, thick thuggy necks, bouncers, total and absolute masculinity...

Turn Offs: Women & children, anything non-masculine, shallow people, camp people, sequins and glitter, make-up, users, fakes, bad breath & hygiene, big/bad/gelled hair, wet/messy/dangerous sex, smoke, smokers' breath and drugs... sorry.
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