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Hi! My Name is Thomas.
I Can Speak: -English-French-

1'199'060 Membears pix!

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I shall have to change some pictures. My motivation to lose weight has paid off. The huge gut as in Pics 2, 3 and 5 is way down.

Vintage 1955, hairy and enjoy the same although it's not a deal breaker. 5'10", 220. Recently removed large stache for professional reasons, but still sporting large and full beard.

Widowed nearly 8 years from a wonderful man; we were together 22 years and sustained a happy relationship. Being a widower, I am basically relationship oriented, but have not had any real interest in any specific guy since he died.

Enjoy world travel. Have been to Ireland, UK, Amsterdam, France, Australia in addition to around North America. Frequently in NYC. Summer 2015 made my first-ever visit to Palm Springs and it won't be my last. Especially enjoy Scotland -- my heart is in the Highlands but my ass is in Virginia. Last time there was late January/early February 2016, going again before the year is out. Summer of 2017, spent 5 months as a Rail Guide in Alaska. JUST BACK FROM SCOTLAND! BIG WOOFS TO THE GUYS IN BEARSCOTS!

I have a renewed passion for theatre. I have recently been cast in a play that will be performed at the Capital Fringe Festival in DC next summer. I was active in theatre many years ago and I'm surprised how my being involved fits like a glove. Perhaps this is the relationship I've been looking for.

I'm a foodie and it's a wonder I'm not fatter than I am. Sit me at a table and I'm a very happy bear. I can cook and enjoy trying new things. (see above)

What I REALLY enjoy is snuggling in front of the fireplace. Mmmmmmmmm...... (BTW, I have a fireplace).

Kilt wearer, when I wear anything. Yes, I'm a naturist and am frequently nude. Spent a few days at the GNI Gathering (look it up) and it was the best thing I ever did for myself.

And I AM in shape -- round is a shape.

Anything more you want to know, ask.
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