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Hi! My Name is Eric.
  Dulles Virginia
I Can Speak: -English-
January 23, 2021

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Hey Guys,
Sorry,if I've "disappeard" for the last month or so; here's a quick update; after a long & painful peroid of un-employment I've finally obtained employment w/ a company that is currently training me to be a School Bus Driver after which I hope to earn my offical "certification &(full) CDL class "B" license. I am required to be a t/bus yard by 6:15am which means I have to be up by 4:30am to make the 30 or so mile trek,so as you can imgine I've not had much time for much else except; sleep,& studing,which doesn't leave anytime for internet chat. However,I hope to be back to normal in t/next few weeks.
Please keep t/messages coming I will make an effort to get back on-liner more often. I do know that messages on "Bear411" do purge after awhile if you don't read them right away so if you've left a message & don't hear back from me please re-send it & I'll do my best to respond as-soon-as-I-can. I do love chatting w/all of you & look forward to much more in t/new year. Meryy Christmas to all of you wonderful bears & buds. I'll have another update for you guys as soon as everything settles a bit; i.e. I get my CDL. Thanks so much guys & I'll get back to you guys
very soon. -Thanks, Ericchestman.
My Story(a little background):
I cared for(primary care giver) our Mum for 71/2 years untill she passed 2 1/2(almost 3 ) years ago. which has unfortuntly left me some what "unmarketable"
so I am currently seeking employment. So,if any one out there knows of anything
please let me know.

On the "upside" I do have a B.S. degree in Paralegal Studies from the University of Maryland,Collage Park. But in addition I will be taking courses at the Northern Virginia Community Collage(NVCC) in the fall to try and make myself more marketable.

I also wanted to take a minuate and say thanks to all of you out there who have be-friended me and have expressed concern for me and my situation( & you know who you are.) Also for all of you I've shard my phone # w/ as if June 29th that # you have for me will be temparly "out-of-service",but I will probly have a temp # in the interium so hit me up here on B'411 for the substitute #. I will update when the reg # is turned-on again.

I also wanted to give a "shout-out" to Greg(BuddyBear) for creating such an awesome site, and also to say "thanks Man for your patence w/ me.

Motorcycle update: I did get my first(starter bike; a
(83’ Honda CX-650C) still have designs on a HD “Road King”
But the Honda will do for now. So, now I am hoping to meet bikers in the NoVA(i.e. Chantilly,Dullas,Manassas) area to ride with. So, if anyone out there wouldn’t mind riding with me please let me know. Hit me up here.

So now to what you've guys have already told me what you guys like,that hasen't changed,so here it is:

am a 50(as of June 2011)year old slender(youthful)American-Black man who wishes to meet for dating, riding, or friend with bennies; chesty masculine men who enjoy intense nipple-play,sucking,thumping,& massaging
5'0" to 6'2" I like all things masculine; cars,trucks,airplanes,big ships,and of course motorcycles, & cowboy boots(I am almost always in my boots). I also like a masculine man who can be elagant & considerate and watch me do the same. I speak wll & have a resonant voice(like the same) Love wieght lifing ( recently signed-on with a personnal trainer) have also joined a gym & working hard at getting “swollen” I like a big man who can push alot of weight around(as a result,is chesty) Also like a man to have short hair(buzzed or bald move to head of line. ) I mainly would like to meet a big chesty man,so I can "feed & fuck !" I am attracted to big burly, big-barrell-chested-power-lifter(types) leather-biker, lumber-jack, trucker,rugby players. I also like “little people” who are chesty. hairy or bare-chested. Military or ex-military,cops or ex-cops type of guys also move to the head of the line. Guys that are "Inked" also move to the head of the line,also guys who are bi &/or are married on the DL,move to the head of the line
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