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 Falls Church(VA)
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Hi! My Name is Jer.
  Cork City IRELAND
I Can Speak: -English-

1'011'816 Membears pix!

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So here is a run down on myself. I am 48 years young. I am 5'6" and 242bs. I go from having a goatee to a full beard. All depends on my mood. As a personal statement not a follow the crowd kinda thing.

I am old fashioned in many ways. "Raised a Gentleman" is how my dad would have put it. Thought to know the difference between right and wrong. To be true to yourself first so you can be true to all those in your life. Don't lie and keep secrets they only tear you up on the inside. And with that your not being true yourself. Therefore not being true to anyone.

Be kind to one another. Smile at someone, hold the door open for them. Be polite. Will make their day and your day a brighter.
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