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Hi! My Name is Matt.
I Can Speak: -English-
September 26, 2021

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54,6',230,br hr,blu eys, goatee,masc, hairy guy. who is looking for friends/friends with benefits in the Richmond, VA area Oct, 2019

Still use a trainer to get my butt to the gym

Please say hello.. Everybody has their own life experiences.. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE BODY. I just decided I wanted to stay in shape and take better care of myself. Keep striving, keep surviving..

Health/Fitness I have found my passion again for hiking, biking, walking, running, outdoor activities. Any interest in joining me? Summers are all about being outdoors. Trees, mountains, flowers..

TV: CBS Sunday Morning is an amazing show. 9-10:30 am. Animal Kingdom is da bomb! Still watching the BB series..
Check it out!

Radio. Sirius Radio is the Jam Never going back to real radio when i live in my car.

Music: Imagine Dragons, Cary Brothers, Sara Bareillus, Mat Kearney, William Fitzsimmons, Greg
Laswell, Amber Run, Gwen Stefani, Bastille

Enjoy Life: Put life into prospective. Live each day as it was your last. Hope to meet more guys from this site.
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