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Hi! My Name is Wayne.
  Colonial HeightsVirginia
I Can Speak: -English-French-

1'219'667 Membears pix!

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I am an eternal optimist. Life is good. Could it be better, yes of course. But it could be a lot worse.

A little about me
I love to read, mainstream fiction for the most part. I do love finding hidden gems in the stacks of a library or the clearance table at a book store. I love nothing more than finding an author new to me and reading all their titles.

Music touches my heart and my tastes are all over the place, from LANY to Edith Piaf and most everything in between. I love when a song evokes the memory of a time and place in my life.

My love of film is pretty much the same as books and music. All over the place. Football movies and movies about space generally evoke a tear or two.

I have a cat, TWB, the white bastard. Name suits him! Love him though. I would like a dog again some day. A big ol silly, clumsy dog that loves everyone.

Wear your success like a tee-shirt instead of a tuxedo and we will get along fine.

Drop me a line and say hello.

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